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The moon by CaxceberXVI

I find this picture very touching and beautiful. One thing I love about this picture is the background. The blue colors blend perfectly with each other which makes this picture easy and gentle for the eye. The way the bright white moon and glittering stars contrasts with the blue background instantly draws your attention. It almost looks like an abstract painting background. The moon and the stars really made me feel like I'm there in the cool night looking at Saix crying.

Now for Saix, you kept all of the wonderful details, from the original Organization coat to the fine details in his hair. I really like the way you made a breeze - making Saix's hair and the drawstrings on his coat flow out gently. This makes me feel cool all over just looking at this picture. The way you positioned Saix in the picture is just right, right in front of the moon and it gives you that perspective. The way Saix is smiling and crying sets the mood of the picture, and it made me warm inside.

I can go on blabbing about how beautiful this picture is. The detail and quality of the picture is amazing, but one thing you could improve on (well in my opinion) is making the stars in the sky a little more realistic. It looks to me as if some of the stars in the sky are sparkles. Never mind me if they ARE sparkles, but overall, I think that this is a very awe-inspiring picture. I had even been been thinking of using this as my desktop picture! :D I'd love to see more of these kinds of pictures from you! Keep up your phenomenal work! ;)
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